Welcome to Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs

We are hobby breeders of English & French Bulldogs in Southern California and pride ourselves in raising, breeding, caring & showing High Quality Bulldogs for more than 14 years. Bulldogs have enriched our lives in numerous ways and continue to capture our Hearts! We breed standard as well as Black Tri colored bulldogs.

To us, English & French Bulldogs are very special breeds. Our Bulldogs are our Family and we take every action necessary to ensure all of our bullies receive the best care, food, socialization and exercise every bulldog deserves. For more than 10 years we have strived to improve the breed, and to only breed for Quality, not quantity. Our goal is to improve the quality of English & French Bulldogs and produce healthy, high quality puppies. Health and temperament are just as important to us as confirmation. All of our puppies are raised in our home and handled and played with daily.

All of our bulldogs receive non-stop love, affection, devotion & socialization while in our home & prior to joining their new families! If we have any questions, concerns or need further care for our bulldogs, we work closely with Dr. Butchko who is one of the top rated bulldog veterinarian specialists in Southern California.

We invite you to visit all of the pages on our website, especially the About Us page, for the opportunity to get to know us better.

Please visit our Puppies Page to see our new babies and our Studs Page to check out our High Quality English & French Bulldog Studs that we have available for professional stud services. We offer a 24 hour Bulldog Hotline if you are experiencing any problems or concerns with your bulldog. Even if you are not one of our bully families who have used our services, we will gladly help a bully family in need.

We also offer professional Bulldog Nanny Services from birth to 4 or 8 weeks of age. We hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to talking with you.