I have known and been associated with Sonia Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs for over 12 years. I have been blessed with several doggies from her and it is apparant that her "babies" started life being cared for by an absolute angel as I have never seen sweeter animals. Sonia is a very professional, knowledgable breeder with a heart of gold. Not only does she love all of her "babies", she cares deeply about her community and all the potential parents of her doggies. Getting a pup from Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs will give you peace of mind that you can count on Sonia to help you with any questions or concerns about caring for your new pet!

Being associated with Sonia Jackson is a priveledge and an honor and you will truly be blessed if you are lucky enough to get a forever companion from Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs!

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Thank you so much

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We purchased an English Bulldog form you in November, 2015. His name is Wilbur and we kept the name you had given him because it was/is perfect for him. He is a thriving member of our family and we are enjoying every day with him. We are looking to purchase a second dog from you as we feel ready to bring in a new sibling for Wilbur and our family.

I have attachied a picture of Wilbur as we are grategul to you for raising such a perfect little puppy. He has grown into a precious and very handsome young man who is the center of attention everywhere he goes.

Thank you

Aaron and Anna

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Hi Sonia,

As we close our fiscal year here at Make a Wish® Orange county and the Inland Empire, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your help this year!

Because of you we were ablet o grant quite a few wishes. Our goal was to reach 330 wishes by the end of August 2018. We are thrilled to say that we were able to exceed that goal by 11 wishes! My wish kiddos, Yahir and Christopher were two of the 341 wishes that were granted this year.

This was made possible by our wish granters, community members, donors and awesome supporters like YOU! I have included a couple of photos of both of their wishes as a reminder of the impact that you had on them and their families.

Thank you again for your time and support. It truly means a lot to everyone that was a part of each of their wish. I look forward to working with you again in this new fiscal year!
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I’m so grateful and it brings so much joy to my life to be part of such an amazing wish. Thank you Make a Wish Foundation for always allowing me to help bring such joy to your kids. You are all angels in my eyes.

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One of our beutifull pups was presented to this beautiful boy from the Make a Wish Foundation. Thank you for allowing me to always be part of a beautiful moment. There is nothing more special than to see a kid's smile.

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One of our beautiful pups presented to the Make a Wish Foundation.

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Our Jigg’s is a beautiful, healthy baby boy who brings love and joy to our home.

From the time we meant Sonia to the day we brought Jigg’s home it was a wonder and educational experience. I surprised my wife with Jigg’s and Sonia was wonderful in the adoption process.

Sonia gives all these pups a loving and very caring home. Her dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed. A very clean and healthy environment, spoiled pups is the trade mark of Sonia. Thank you again Sonia and you will always be Jigg’s Grandma

Jim and Chris


November 2016

Our puppies are amazing, thank you so much!

You have been so wonderful, from all of the help, the paperwork, their gift bag, the care you gave them, the communication, meeting us part way, etc.

Thank you again for such an amazing experience!!

Michelle Celillo


October 2016

It’s been close to 10 years since we lost our beloved Bulldog, Spike. We finally felt ready to be parents again so we contacted Dr. Butchko who referred us to Sonia at Jackson’s Heavenly Bulldogs. She told us she had a litter due on August 29 so we gave her a deposit and waited anxiously to pick out our little boy. One of the names we had chosen was Baxter.

Sonia is a friendly, lovable, committed bulldog breeder and we couldn’t be happier. We went to see her newest litter thinking we would pick one of the males. We weren’t really connecting so Sonia told us she did have a slightly older male did we want to see him. We took one look at him, she told us his name was Baxter and we knew he was our baby.

We got him this past Friday. He came with all kinds of goodies, food, blankets, towels, toys, all of his medical records, vaccination history, pedigree, microchip. Everything we needed to give our little guy a good start. We are so happy. He is the sweetest, most beautiful little bully, already loving his crate and enjoying his new home.

I can’t recommend Sonia and Jackson’s Heavenly Bulldog enough. Her puppies are beautiful, she is lovely and knowledgeable about the breed and like all good mothers is sad to see her pup leave the nest. We feel like family now and know if we need anything, Sonia will be there to answer our questions.

Thank you Sonia,
Debbie and Nick Berman


I had been looking for a puppy for a couple years. Not sure what type of breed to look into. I had remembered my brother in law had an English bulldog and decided to look into the breed. I asked him questions as well as researching online. I fell in love with everything I read/heard about the breed. So I went on a mission to find a breeder and came upon a couple.

Sonia was the only one that answered all my questions and got back to me as fast as possible. She is a great person who loves what she does. Her puppies and reputation say it all. We exchanged a couple emails and then I went to see the puppies. I fell in love with my little boy Sam. She informed me with everything I needed to know about the breed and even took care of the small hernia he had before I took him home. She was nice enough to give me a tote bag with a starter kit that had a bag of food, two blankets, toys, two bowls and two towels that had his litters scents.

She knows what she's doing and loves all her bullies. She's a great breeder and person all around.

I definitely will recommend her to anyone who is looking into buying a good quality & healthy English bulldog. I'm happy with my Sam :)

Thank you Sonia!

Jose Armas


My wife and I recently picked up "Annie" our female bulldog from Sonia this past month and were ecstatic not only with what a quality puppy Annie was but also with how well she was loved and taken care of by Sonia. In fact we were so impressed with the care of these puppies that we ended up buying one of Annie's sisters to join the family, her name is "Sandy".

Sonia certainly does NOT run a "Puppy Mill" as she clearly loves this breed way too much to ever do that. To add, Sonia provided both puppies with care packages that included, toys, food bowls, food and full documentation along with a good speech of how she expects these puppies to be taken care of!!!!

Sonia, thank you for providing such awesome puppies who I assure you will be loved every bit as much as you love them!!

The Lahmon family


We couldn't be happier with our new little addition to the family! Snoopy is the cutest sweetest English Bulldog, and we are so happy we found Sonia and Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs. After searching and searching for the right pup, we came across Sonia's website. From the very start, Sonia was so helping and made the process of being first time parents very easy and smooth. You can tell how much she loves these doggies and honestly I couldn't ask for a better breeder to get a dog from.

Snoopy has the cutest most playful personality. We instantly clicked with him as soon as we saw him and knew we had to bring him home with us to San Francisco. Sonia is so accessible and is available 24/7 through phone or e-mail. Even years down the line I know if I need anything for my pup, She will always be there. That is how devoted she is to her dogs!

10+ stars for Sonia and all of her Bulldogs. Bulldogs are a tricky breed so you want to make sure you are going to a credible breeder. Thank you for having the best Bulldogs in the world!!!!



Our experience with Sonia from Jacksons Heavenly Bulldogs has been nothing short of amazing. She refers to all her bulldogs both puppies and rescue dogs she has as "her kids" and it is easy to see that she really does love them all. She has over 30 years working with bulldogs and is always available for information, help and advice. She returns phone calls and emails promptly and we are very satisfied with the amount of assistance she provides when adopting a new puppy.

When we went to pick up our puppy we had an initial conversation with Sonia for about 20 min that answered all of our questions about the very specific feeding and care of our new puppy. Bulldogs in general need a very different feeding regimen due to their square, flat face that can cause major problems if certain rules are not followed. We were very impressed with the amount of information she had for us concerning the many important "do's" and "don'ts" of her puppies and bulldogs in general. We learned many things from her and were able to avoid making many mistakes and avoided pitfalls we surely would have fallen into had she not informed us. The amount of information she has about bulldog care was invaluable to us. We have another bulldog that we got as a puppy from another breeder who had a very fancy website, but no information, no experience, and no care or passion for their animals at all, none. That experience turned into a true horror story. After a number of incredibly expensive health complications while she was a puppy, it was just pure luck that our first bully survived and is doing well now. Even if you do not get a puppy from Jacksons Heavenly Bulldogs we would recommend a consultation with Sonia. The information she has about bulldogs is worth its weight in gold.

She was very professional and prepared concerning paperwork for critical vaccinations and immunizations, AKC registration, licensing and microchip instructions. The puppy's first two sets of shots had already been administered and the microchip fees had already been paid. Two of the most reputable bulldog vets in the southern california area are on a first name basis with Sonia. She checks up on her "kids" after they leave her and did so with us to make sure we were following up with his critical shots, immunizations and to check up on his general well being. She really does care for and miss her "kids" once they leave her home.

All the puppies from the litter that she had were happy and healthy. Ours was well adjusted and able to make the transition to a new home very smoothly.

We highly recommend Sonia Jacksons bulldogs. Clearly she cares about all of her animals and she loves her kids(bulldogs).




After doing months of research, which included countless email, phone calls, and text messages; I ran into Jackson Bulldogs. Sonia Jackson is very professional, knowledgeable, and kind-hearted. She was very prompt in responding to me. Sonia is also very organized regarding paperwork and the puppy contract. She really cares about her puppies and dogs and is devoted to making their first months full of attention and care.

Sonia is a legitimate breeder (no scams at all). She made the process of getting ready for my fur baby and the purchase process very smooth. She is very experienced and had an answer to my many questions. I am completely satisfied with the process. I was very impressed when Sonia gave me the contact information for the puppy’s vet. I called to verify and everything checked out. The vet even mentioned that Sonia is one of his favorite clients.

When I picked up Blackberry (now known as Blue), she gave me a whole puppy care pack. This included a bed, toys, bowl, and food (everything was brand new). Sonia even added a little Christmas collar as I brought her home right before Christmas. Sonia also provided me with a folder with all of the paper work. It was organized and she went over everything thoroughly.

I am so in love with Blue (Blackberry)! She is such a typical Frenchie puppy! She is full of energy and has such a great temperament. She is a curious, brave, and she loves to cuddle and give lots of puppy kisses. I am more than over joyed to have her in my family. She was not shy at all and formed a bond with me right away. I am totally in love with her and I cannot wait to have many adventures!

Thank you Sonia! To all those reading this, I definitely recommend her!



In 2012 my husband passed away from brain cancer and our lives were changed forever. During his illness we had two English Bulldogs that we cherished. Shortly, after my husband was diagnosed one of them passed away and we were devastated. A short time later I just could not care for my husband our dog and two small children. So I gave our bully to a loving family. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make at that time. Three years later I had been wanting to get my children a dog again. I finally felt like it was the right time. But I knew I wanted an English Bulldog. My son remembered our dogs and was sad that we had to let our last bully go. Both of my kids had been begging me for another bully. I started doing some research.

I called our old vet who referred me to another vet who specialized in English Bulldog care. That vet, Dr. Butchko, then referred me to Sonia. My first conversation within mins I felt it in my heart that this was the right place. I talked and emailed Sonia on a weekly basis throughout the whole process.

Everything was explained to me step by step. Once the puppies were born she sent me pictures we talked about how the puppies were doing and I got to share the details with my children. Then we made our choice and on the day I went to get him. I just knew he was the one. He was born on March 17th. The day before my anniversary.

Meeting Sonia was like I had known her forever. She went over everything I needed to know and I was able to call or email her day or night if I had any questions. I still send her pictures and updates. My kids and I are so happy. My daughter just recently told me, "mom Otto is my bestest friend in the whole world."

As a mom hearing that just brings me joy. There is no one else I would of rather worked with than Sonia. She is a beautiful person who takes pride in what she does and loves her puppies.



My husband and I have been looking for a puppy for our home for over a year now and we just wanted to make sure we picked the right place to get her from.

Sonia from Jackson's heavenly bulldogs came highly recommended from a good friend of mine so we decided to give her a try. I am so happy we did!!!! First of all, Sonia is very down to earth and treats You like family. She'll answer any questions you may have and give you an honest answer. I was put at ease instantly and had so many questions. I have never met or spoke to Sonia prior to seeking her out and she treated my husband and I as if we were old friends.

We HIGHLY recommend Jacksons Heavenly Bulldogs to all families looking for their next pet.

You will not be disappointed!



I wanted to thank you for being such a pleasure to buy from. You were completely responsive to every email that I sent you before I purchased her. I felt comfortable buying from you because a recommended breeder from French Bulldog Club of America recommended you.

It is always a difficult process deciding on where to buy a dog. I felt good about you and you exceeded my expectations in every way. The way that you care for all the puppies inside your house is an incredible sight. Once we arrived the way that you explained every detail on how to care for her was so helpful. Thank you for the delightful care package you sent them home with as well, it was complete with everything the puppy needed and then some. It is very clear how much you love each one of them.

We are loving our beautiful, Lottie!

Thanks again!


One of our beautiful pups has been presented to a beautiful little girl. Congrats Victoria!!

We want to thank Abraham for this little boy and once again want to thank the Make a Wish Foundation for including us and our pups to be part of such a heart warming experience in making Victoria's wish come true and enriching our lives forever.

Paws Paws Paws Paws


Koal       Make A Wish Card

Our little boy Koal has been presented to the Make a Wish Foundation to a beautiful little girl named Danielle.

We want to give thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation for including us and our little Koal in such a wonderful and heart warming experience that will be in our hearts forever.


Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs sell more than the best looking purebred English Bulldogs you've ever seen, they sell a piece of their hearts, too.

When we finally decided to begin the rest of our lives by opening our home to a sweet baby girl, we wanted to find her in the arms of someone truly special and JHB exceeded our expectations in every single way. From the beginning it was obvious they were most interested in quality care, ensuring new puppy parents are confident by continuously providing advice and suggestions as well as answering numerous questions (even after River made it home safe).

They gifted us a "diaper bag" filled with a six pound bag of food (plus some in a tupperwear already watered down and ready to serve), a blanket, two toys, a towel with her litter mates' scent, a very informative Bulldog magazine, her AKC registration papers, her parents' pedigrees and photos, and her immunization record. She had already been microchipped and when she was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia they handled her surgery and recovery completely. They accommodated our perhaps excessive excitement/requests for more and more photos with such grace and willingness and mirrored excitement.

Look no further, you've found your new baby.

- Megan, AJ and River


Reba Reba

Reba is loving her new home. She napped, played, had dinner, went potty, and now play time again. Thank you so much for everything. You have raised such beautiful puppies and we can't wait to share with you how well she is doing! We would be more than happy to write our experience with you thus far :)

"Our experience with Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs has been nothing short of amazing. Finding the right breeder was very difficult and overwhelming. After meeting her puppies, we knew Sonia's care and love for bulldogs would lead us to our new puppy, Reba. Sonia Jackson is one of the most passionate, thorough, and professional breeders we have ever met. It is clear that maintaining the quality and health of her dogs is the most important aspect of her breeding program. Sonia's care and guidance extends past the day you bring home your puppy. She willingly answers any questions you may have and provides the help and support you may need with your bulldog. We are very happy with our choice and cannot thank Sonia enough for her wonderful puppies."

- Raymond Naval/Will Johnston. Irvine, CA


We have used Sonia's studs and nanny service on more than a few occassions.

Her knowledge of Bulldogs is second to none and her love and compassion for the breed itself shows in every aspect of how she runs her business.

We look forward to every visit to her home. She works hard to keep her house and kennels extremely clean and her dogs extremely healthy. In addition to all her hard work at home, she will make herself available to answer any questions that you might have regarding breeding, nursing and just all around general care of these dogs.

In our experience, if you're looking for a stud, or someone to nanny your litter, or just to buy a top quality puppy, there is no better place than Jacksons Heavenly Bulldogs!

- Steve and Rochelle



A DREAM come true! After 38 long years of dreaming some day I would adopt an English Bulldog, I am so blessed to be the new and proud owner of my beloved, Sir Charles Winston, aka "Charlie". He recently joined our family and home, and has adjusted well thus far in his new digs. He is such a healthy, well-adjusted (mellow) and playful puppy. Many thanks to Sonia Jackson for all her help, love and support.

For almost one year, I researched to select the right breeder. I am blessed to have found Sonia Jackson. There were many long phone conversations with her. She was very detailed and credible with answering all my questions and educating me with the adoption process. With over 25 years of experience, she is professional, well-versed on every aspect of raising English Bulldogs, and is a role model. She exudes love and passion for her bullies. Her attention-to-detail and knowledge is amazing and an inspiration.

The quality and health of her bullies is first and foremost. The environment she provides them, and the support and services she provides her clients is amazing and over the top! I would VERY much recommend Sonia to anyone wishing to adopt a bulldog. Without a doubt! "Jackson's Heavenly Bulldogs" speaks for itself.

Thank you Sonia for Charlie and making my dream come true!

- Lorraine McGaw


I have always wanted to raise English Bulldogs and thought it was beyond my scope of knowledge. This is not an easy breed to take on. But Sonia made it possible and she walked me thru it every step of the way.

From the beginning she talked me thru some hard times and did alot of reassuring me we were doing the right thing with the Mama and puppies. I had a few heartbreaks by loosing a couple puppies and Sonia reassured me that there wasnt anything I did or didnt do that caused the puppies to die. I would call her crying and once again she reassured me.

I have to say that Sonia has gone above and beyond her responsiblity to help me raise these puppies from a distance. She didn't have to help me but her love of dogs and the English/French Bulldog breed shows.

Once the puppies were ready to leave, Sonia posted them on her website as a courtesy to help me sell them to the right familes. Again, beyond what she was obligated to do. I would have to say that never, in all my dealings with breeders and lovers of dogs, have I known a more compassionate and knowledgable person than Sonia Jackson.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting to raise bulldogs or recommend her puppies that she sells not to mention the wonderful selection of studs she has. She has become a true friend (and breeder) in the process.

- Julie Bratts


I had the pleasure of meeting Sonia through a friend and that day everything changed. Sonia, not knowing me well, opened her arms to me and welcomed me and made feel like I was her own daughter. Sonia has helped me through all the ups and downs in breeding quality and healthy English Bulldog puppies. If I have any concerns, she is always there to help me. She has gone over and beyond to educate me and to inform me of the breed so that I can meet all the standards and breed in all the right ways.

Sonia, to this day, is one of the biggest role models I have in my life. I have the utmost respect for her and everything she does for everyone. Sonia is a loving and caring person and goes over and beyond for people and never asks anything in return.

She is a friend and most of all one of the best breeders I know. I would recommend her in a second!

- Ana Carlos



I was in search for a bulldog but couldn't afford to buy a puppy, however, Sonia suggested we look at one of her dogs up for adoption.

So my family and I made the drive to Sonia's house where she introduced us to our Daytona. Sonia was very hospitable and welcomed us into her beautiful home and showed us around her kennel. When we met Daytona we immediately fell in love with her. I told Sonia that I would be back for Daytona at a later date. Sonia would not take no for an answer and sent us home with Daytona that day, she said she just wanted Daytona to go to a good home.

We have been very happy with Daytona and will look to Sonia for our next bulldog, no matter where we live. Sonia is very knowledgeable about bulldogs and has great quality bulldogs.

Thanks Sonia for Daytona! She has been a good addition to our family!