Bulldogs are often misconceived as a dog full of financial and medical problems. But here at Jacksonís Heavenly Bulldogs we would like to guide you to the high quality French & English Bulldogs we have found to be fun, energetic, amusing, adventurous and healthy wrinkles of pleasure!

Here at Jacksonís Heavenly Bulldogs, we are dedicated to producing high quality healthy, well tempered bulldogs with correct conformation to meet the bulldog standard. We are not a kennel, but a family who enjoys the love and adventure bulldogs has enriched our lives with. Raising, breeding, caring and showing bulldogs is a full time passion that has continued to grow and allow us to improve French and English Bulldogs not only by being selective with our breeding program, but also sharing by what we have learned to help others better understand and appreciate the bulldogs unique breed requirements. Many people who have done their research on bulldogs will know that they are a very unique breed requiring special attention specific to their needs, but donít realize the LOVE you will embrace when owning a bulldog.

As responsible breeders we are very selective when owning and breeding French & English Bulldogs. This involves being very particular about the pedigree, health, structure, movement, temperament and longevity of a bulldogs ancestry and current conditions. We perform as thorough of a genetic assessment as possible on all bulldogs that we are considering breeding. All of our breedings are carefully thought out and specifically initiated to improve our own breeding program. We have thoroughly researched the ancestry of every one of our dogs to ensure we are acquiring only high quality, healthy compatible bloodlines.

Our puppies are hand raised in our home to ensure a secure and sanitized environment. We work closely with all of our bulldogs and bully owners to ensure constant care, socialization and love are provided to each bulldog in our home whether itís for one day, 8 weeks or 8 years. We work with each individual family and bully to fit their needs and desires. We do not leave any Bulldog Puppy unattended and devote 24 hour care to each bulldog in our home. We are here to provide the best care possible and giving 110% of ourselves to do so. If our Bulldogs or Bulldog puppies need any medical attention we work closely with Dr. Butchko for any and all bulldog medical concerns and care. Dr Butchko is a well known & established Bulldog Specialty Veterinarian who also uses our services to provide other loving bulldog families the after hours care & assistance needed when he is not available. We put a lot of thought into finding the best homes possible for our pups. This includes providing lifetime support to new puppy owners and helping in any way we can for the life of the bulldogs we are responsible for bringing into this world. We take great pride in our bulldogs and donít hesitate to invest the extra time, care or finances it takes to provide the high quality of life they deserve. We have fallen in love with Bulldogs and enjoy offering others the same opportunity to experience the Bulldogs outgoing personalities first hand for themselves.

Owning, raising, breeding and showing Bulldogs is not a part time commitment for us but rather a Life Long Passion that continues to fulfill our heart and souls with many years of fun and adventure as we continue to improve and share our lives with French & English Bulldogs.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our breeding practices, our bulldog standards we embrace our just general questions concerning your bulldogs and their care.